Stott Pilates SPX reformers deliver an all over workout from the inside out, focusing on correct alignment, technique, breath control and suitable challenge. The equipment classes are capped at 8 participants to ensure individual needs and postural requirements are well supported.

We have a range of class levels suitable for rehabilitation, pre and post-natal, brand new beginners’ right up to athletic performance to challenge even the most seasoned athlete.

We recommend that all participants do an entry level reformer class initially, to get well acquainted with the equipment before they progress to more intermediate and advanced classes.


An essential addition to any exercise plan, Mat work focuses on the STOTT Pilates 5 basic Principles. It includes movement utilising props like the foam roller, mini stability ball, trigger point balls, therabands and light hand weights to help support and challenge your body through a well-rounded workout for the body and mind.

All sessions include light massage and meditation to completely let you unwind and relax from even the most challenging class.

Suitable for general fitness levels and those new to pilates.


A supported mat pilates, barre and prop class that assists you to develop a stable, strong and connected body.

We play a high focus on balance, controlled specific movements, and posture.

This class is intermediate level intensity with energising music to uplift and guide you through your session.

Suitable for all levels.


A suspension training system like no other, that challenges core stability throughout a structured class set up.

This is a faster pace class that focuses on stability, strength, challenge, and all over toning.

This class is designed to deliver fast results for those wanting a longer, leaner look. We incorporate traditional TRX exercises with a mix of Pilates & swiss ball movements to develop the bodies overall posture, stability and strength.

This class is Suitable for those participants with a general fitness level that are wanting to amplify their results.


Reformer and Matwork, Amplified classes, are a high intensity interval class mixing STOTT Pilates matwork exercises with toning light hand weights, sculpting ankle weights and body weight movements. T

his class will define and shape a long lean body, increase core strength and anaerobic fitness level. This is an interval style class with 30 minutes of sculpting exercises and 15 minutes of stretching and mobility.

This class is not suitable for all fitness levels.


A dynamic fusion of Pilates and Boxing. Think an interval style workout that is the perfect fusion of cardio, strength and coordination. Using boxing pads and gloves, you’ll combine short boxing drills and cardio intervals with functional movement and exercise on the Pilates mat.

Clients must come to class already wrapped, no attendance will be given to those who aren’t prepared.

This class is not suitable for all fitness levels.


A class that utilises reformer, trx, matwork and swissball, to help stabilise, strengthen and support your body through pregnancy. Doctor’s certificate required before beginning.

Child minding available for any other siblings*.

This class is instructed by highly certified pilates and rehab instructor who specialises in pre/ post natal support through mindful movement.

Class is also for mums and their babies utilising the reformer, trx, Swiss ball and mat work to re-establish stability, core strength, general muscle tone and help alleviate tension and tightness and to help mums wind down. Post-natal checks are required before beginning. Babies also welcome up to crawling.


A class that is designed to Relieve tension & tightness.

Restore control and confidence through movement and mindful exercises. Trigger point therapy using spiky ball. Self release exercises using foam rollers and therabands. Breath control work using a variety of techniques to calm the nervous system and help you regain optimum focus.

All equipment is supplied in class and available to purchase at the studio. Specifically tailored classes covering a wide range of rehabilitation topics each class focusing of a different area.


A class designed to help those recovering from injury, getting started back into functional movement.

This is an equipment based class taught by highly qualified rehab pilates instructor, who will ease you into guided movement to assist in your recovery.

This class is a great place for those to start who are allied health patient referrals, or have specific individual requirements.


Fully tailored private sessions for strength conditioning for Athletes to excel in their chosen sport. Pictured, our local Pro Surfer April McPherson training at Evolve Studio.

Please contact us if you wish to book a session (s) or to find out more. Pro Surfer April McPherson (pictured) has been training at EVOLVE future surfing competitions this year.


Evolve provides workshops for the public and corporate audiences focusing specific areas; postural correction, back health, neck and shoulder rehab to name a few. Please check out facebook page for upcoming events or contact us to book a private workshop.


Sometimes it’s the smallest moves in life that are the most challenging. Taking the step to seek change in life can be nerve racking and emotional. When beginning your journey at Evolve, start with an open mind and a willingness to be a sponge. The more you can communicate how you are feeling and what your goals are, the more we can assist in getting your journey started the best possible way.

Our Intro to Pilates class is our compulsory induction class for all new clients at Evolve Studio, we often run this class as a group session on Saturdays or private appointments that are bookable during the week. This class will include an orientation of the studio, a demonstration on how each piece of equipment is used and set up. Plus you will be guided through the basic exercises and positioning for pilates classes. One of our instructors will assess the health and fitness each individual, advising on which classes will be suitable for you. This is an ideal opportunity to meet fellow members who are beginning their Evolve journey with you.

If you have any, health conditions, pre or post-natal, please contact us to book a private induction class

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