What changes can I expect from pilates?

Combining all types of classes, reformer pilates, mat pilates, barre, and TRX will give you an all-round workout, you can expect the following –

  • Feeling connected; our instructors will educate you to bring awareness of every part of your body
  • You’ll look and feel, longer-leaner; we focus on educating and cueing you through correct form.  Focusing on posture, alignment and lengthening which sculpts and defines your body, resulting in a more elongated body
  • Core strength and stability, you will be taught to mindfully connect breath and movement, solidifying foundations to feel centrally strong and stable in your body
  • Feeling strong and confident both in and outside of the studio.  The encouragement of the EVOLVE team, members and the amazing atmosphere of the studio; will bring positive affects, both physically and mentally.  Pilates makes you, and your body, feel happy, confident and capable.  The physical aspects will help you excel in other activities or sports and recover faster

What do I bring?

  • A water bottle
  • A towel
  • Pilates (grippy) socks; socks are available to purchase in the studio
  • Wear supportive, easy to move in and comfortable activewear
  • Yourself and a smile

I’m new to pilates and have an injury, where is the best place for me to start?

If you’re new to pilates, or an Allied Health referral, we recommend the below process for you to begin your EVOLVE journey to recovery, by restoring movement and functionality in the best way possible.

We will advise on which classes will be suitable for you to begin, and other classes as you progress and strengthen.

Please see our EVOLVE Journey

What type of clothing should I wear to pilates?

Feeling comfortable is of high importance, especially when we are working with posture and alignment.

Meagan is a post-caesarean mum, she highly recommends; tights that are supportive in your midsection and lightweight; you’ll get hot whilst you’re moving.  A good, supportive sports bra, and pilates (grippy) socks; socks are available to purchase in the studio.

What are the benefits of exercising on a reformer?

  • Reformer assists and resists movement, allowing you to control and challenge yourself in each exercise
  • It allows you to move freely, whilst being completely supported
  • It helps re-align your body to move in a more functional way
  • Exercises on the reformer will tone, lengthen and define your body
  • Classes/exercises are catered to each individuals requirements
  • Movements utilise all ranges of motion and recruit muscle fibre types
  • Classes are fun, challenging and are a completely new way to move and feel
  • Not only does exercising on the reformer help to improve your body and mind. It allows you to focus on how your body is feeling, and helps you become more in-tune. You can then adjust how you workout in each class which prevents injuries and makes for a more beneficial workout


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