“The team at Evolve have made it really easy to begin my exercise journey. They make sure you start in a class that’s appropriate for your fitness level and help you progress as you go. My favourite thing about the ladies here is the wonderful environment they have built, walking into a session feels like meeting up with old friends. Everyone is so kind and supportive and that has made it so much easier for me to feel comfortable trying something new. If you are looking to start Pilates I highly recommend that you visit the team at Evolve.”

Stephanie Vincent

“Started going here after back surgery. Had amazing one on one sessions with Meagan to start with. It was great to feel secure and confident in my movements. I’m now going to classes and I can honestly say I love them. Haven’t been back to gym since I started classes, there’s just no need and Pilates is definitely a much more enjoyable way to keep fit. Meagan is so encouraging and patient, can’t rate this place or Meagan highly enough. ❤️❤️”

Collette Maguire Gardiner

“Been with Meagan for over 2 years, and even continue to use her services now from the other side of Australia as she now does online sessions too! She has helped me look after my body in such a way that my chronic pain doesn’t affect me anymore. Really caring and attentive to the needs of every single client. Highly recommend to everyone!”

Anke van der Merwe

“The atmosphere, the environment and the staff are amazing. I love it. I do the classes and have one on one sessions with Meagan. She is full of knowledge, very educated and amazing at what she does. My husband also sees Meagan and swears by these sessions, he’s addicted! The classes are great, instructors knowledgeable and always accommodating. “

Rachel Miller

“I booked in with Meagan after a persistent running injury wasn’t easing.
After just 2 sessions, I am feeling so much better, and feel like I may be back running sooner than expected!
I have found the homework to follow after each session, has been very motivating, and a great way to wind down after my busy day.
The studio is amazing! Such an inviting, relaxed atmosphere. By far the best pilates studio I have ever been to.
I can’t thank Meagan enough for fixing my lopsided body. THANK YOU❤”

Karli Shemeld

“Great studio and atmosphere. Love my barre class and feeling that booty burn. Instructors are always lovely and welcoming.”

Bonni Sekulich

“The best Pilates studio I have ever been apart of 🙌🏼💗✨

I joined Evolve around 18 months ago and it’s been the best thing I have done for myself.

Meagan is an amazing instructor and friend, the classes are so amazing, you always feel great walking out. I would like to thank Meagan and all the amazing instructors at Evolve for helping and guiding me with Pilates and helping me feel great through Pregnancy and also Post Partum!”

Maria Chandler-Couch

“Love love love this studio & the fantastic instructors. Meagan offers a diverse range if sessions to suit everyone, with personalised attention that’s second to none. Exercise, feeling aligned & restored, & doing something positive for my mind & body has never been so accessible or felt so right. The support & expertise offered here is outstanding. Truly has me addicted to my almost daily dose of pilates….what a revelation! Cannot recommend highly enough ❤”

Claire Medhurst

“Evolve Online with Meagan is amazing! The videos are so professionally filmed and Meagan is a fantastic, vibrant, energetic and knowledgeable mentor/trainer! The few times I have been in the studio, Meagan was so down to earth and friendly, felt like I had known her for years, not just a few months. Joining Evolve Online has been the best decision, I am feeling better within myself and as for physically, I have never felt more happier and confident!”

Toni Bailey

“I was struggling with a back injury for 3 years before I heard about Meagan Cox. Activities that I had enjoyed like hiking and being on the beach now caused pain and disability.  I was exhausted from battling chronic pain and chronic sleep deprivation and I probably wasn’t much fun to live with.  A friend suggested to try Pilates and see Meagan as she had had good result with overcoming her injuries.

Meagan opened Evolved Fitness studio and I was one of her first clients there.  Now being a larger build for most of my life, group exercise classes and gyms were places I never felt very comfortable in.   I didn’t find them to be very friendly places, and I always felt self-conscious.

I never felt that way in her studio.  Not only did she help me get back on my feet, I became more agile, stronger and fitter.  My pain reduced, my sleep increased and I regained my sense of humour and probably became nicer to live with.

A few months ago, I had come into Evolve Fitness for a tune up rehabilitation session and crossed over with one of her clients who was just finishing theirs.  We discussed our programs and our progresses with each other.  As my new friend left the building, he turned and said “Yeah, Meagan is a real gift”.

I have reflected on that comment and he is right.  Meagan is a gifted therapist who gets results, but even better than this, Meagan gave the community a gift when she created Evolve Fitness studios.  From when she first opened the studio, she has expanded her therapy/rehabilitation services with help from the lovely Alison.  She has now expanded to have an amazing team of Pilates instructors that work alongside of her.   This team is as warm, caring, and welcoming as Meagan.  She has provided the community with easy to access and very affordable on-line classes, (this was a must for a lot of people during COVId 19 lockdowns and subsequent job losses).

She has given a gift of a safe haven that provides a diverse range of classes that meet the need for the young, old and in between.   Exercise classes for those needing to keep/ increase their fitness or those who need targeted or supported rehabilitation.   A place where friendships are made and where community has been built.  All accepted, no judgements, just encouragement.   It is a gift and it just keeps on giving.”

Julie Weekes

“I’ve always suffered with lower back pain and on top of that had recent hip surgery (for the third time) I worked with Meagan before and after surgery and have never felt better. Only 8 weeks post-surgery and I’m back in classes. Meagan and her team are wonderful, welcoming and always there to help. I haven’t had any back pain since starting at Evolve and it feels so good to workout pain free. I can’t thank the team enough ❤️”

Rebecca Billows

“I started my journey with Meagan 7 years ago and I it has been amazing to watch her business evolve into what it is today. From the local park, school, gym and now her beautiful studio. It has been amazing.

As soon as you walk into the evolve studio you can feel the happy and encouraging energy! Every single person that attends classes always has a big and welcoming smile which is so refreshing.

My body has changed so much from when I first started, I couldn’t even complete a single TRX push up! I am so proud of how far I have come and it is truly all because of Meagan. I have had many issues with my wrists and knees and now I no longer feel pain and finally feeling stronger.

Thank you Meagan and the whole team at Evolve! ❤️”

Kala Morey

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